1st Birthday Minnie Mouse Balloon Weight

Code: 110114

With a double-sided design, this light pink balloon weight features Baby Minnie printed on both sides surrounded by a large pink and yellow “1” and a cupcake with candle. This durable balloon weight is a cardstock box in the shape of a tote, with a pink, foil-wrapped weight inside and handles where you can tie on your balloon ribbons. The fun look of this cute and colorful Minnie Mouse balloon weight is rounded out by the pink checkerboard sides and polka dot handles. 1st Birthday Minnie Mouse Balloon Weight product details:

     –  Weighs 155g

     –  Measures 7.6cm wide x 13.9cm high x 3.8cm, including handles

     –  Foil wrapped with cardstock packaging

– Imported from the USA


Price: 65.000 VNĐ

Status: Còn hàng

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