Monkey Love Invitations 8ct

Code: 493799

Monkey Love Invitations feature a sweet girl monkey against a lime green background that’s covered in pink, orange and blue flowers. A “You’re Invited!” headline at the top has a hot pink cheetah print background. Flip this postcard-style cardstock card over to find fill-in spaces for party details. Monkey Love Invitations arrive with matching “Save the Date” sticker seals and character sticker seals so you can add a personal touch to the matching envelopes. Package includes:

    – 8 Birthday Invitations

     –  8 Matching Envelopes

     –  8 Save the Date Sticker Seals

     –  8 Character Sticker Seals

– Imported from the USA.


Price: 101.000 VNĐ

Status: Còn hàng

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