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Privacy policy

Party Zone is committed to protecting the personal identifiable information of customers to show respect and protect the rights of access.

1. Personal Information
To access and use certain services in partyzone.vn, you may be asked to provide some personal information (email, name, contact phone number etc.). All information is declared to ensure the

accuracy and legitimacy, PartyZone is not responsible in the court of law for incorrect information provided by customers. The personal information will help us:

a.    Supports customer when purchasing products online at PartyZone.

b.    Consults services and answers all customer inquiries

c.    Sends periodically messages providing customers with information on new products/services.

Besides PartyZone can use images provided by our customers to promote products or services on the official website of PartyZone (www.PartyZone.vn) or on the fan page of PartyZone


2. Sharing personal information

In cases we use an independent party to conduct market research, the personal information will be released to them. They will be bound by a confidential agreement by which they are only

allowed to use the provided information for that specific purpose(s). Besides PartyZone has to comply with local authorities, and law enforcement agencies if requested.

•    Confidential personal information

Sending personal information to PartyZone implies you are agreed with our terms & conditions. PartyZone commits to protecting the personal information of our customers in every possible

way, but you can refuse to send information to us if you disagree with the terms & conditions described above.

•    Provisions on “Spam”

a)    PartyZone really concerns about the problem of spams and phishing e-mails on PartyZone’s behalf to our customers for whatever purpose. Therefore we affirm only sending email to you if

and only if you have registered with PartyZone for the information or services.

b)    PartyZone promises not to sell, lease, or get your e-mail from third parties. If you inadvertently receive unsolicited email from PartyZone this must be beyond our control, please click on the

attached unsubscribe link or notify the website administration immediately.

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